The Truth


Truth (Groove Assassin mix)  
Finally, the Soulfulbeats crew (Matt Hughes, Mickey Blanco, Neil MacLean and Powdersoul) present �Truth� by Masterman! Originally produced by Andre Espeut and Andre Bonser, this oldschool flavored song is a soulful winner with emotional vocals, dope synth bass and a killer keyboard work. Nick Moss aka Groove Assassin adds a superb piano line and gorgeous synth solo over a warm Afro groove, giving the song a very pleasant summery feel.


Deep!DJN Project & Kenny Bobien

What A Way  
Newav Media
Here we have another soulful bomb from DJN Project, this time with Kenny Bobien on vocals! In its original form, �What A Way� is a dancefoor-oriented track with tight beats, a massive bassline by Tim "Slikk Tim" Becherand and breathtaking synth solos together with Kenny Bobien's distinct falsetto vocals. Remixes are courtesy of Portugal�s very own dj/producer Carlos Vargas (a percussive remix with slamming jazzy keys), John Crockett (lush rework with an impressive organ solo) and Phil Hooton (deep affair with extra keys and guitar by Mark Gamble and flute by Ben Turner). Huge!

Soul Size Love

Deep!Jaidene Veda 

Soul Size Love  
Mixtape Sessions
With lyrics written and performed by Jaidene Veda, �Soul Size Love� is a lovely song produced by Josh Milan, featuring organic drums, acoustic guitar and irresistible synth solos. The package also includes mixes from Andy Compton, Jon Delerious and Jason B.

Galactic Soul

Deep!Blueday Stereo 

Forever (DJ Spinna remix) 
Dagui Rodann and Timothy Milton return to SSOH with �Forever�, featuring great vocals by Jocelyn Mathieu, epic strings and drunken flutes over a tight beat. Between functional remixes from Claude Monnet and Alex Finkin there is a jewel by DJ Spinna (The Galactic Soul treatment) with his trademark bass and irresistible keys by Selan.

Hey Baby

Deep!Vick Lavender feat. Carla Prather 

Hey Baby (Call Me)  
Here we have another slamming song from Vick Lavender and company! With Carla Prather on vocals and lush live instrumentation (guitar, bass, sax, percussion), �Hey Baby (Call Me)� will certainly make you beg for more. On the remix duties, Dolls Combers bring a generous piano line and a rolling bass while Johnny Montana adds his trademark keys and smooth beats. Tasty!

DeeperSoul Session 192

Deep!DJ: CakesFactory

Affiliation: That Pink Blog

Country: Portugal
Listen / Download
1. Dolls Combers - Nos En Espalmador (Original mix)
2. Vick Lavender feat. Carla Prather - Hey Baby �Call Me� (Dubstramental Live mix)
3. Vick Lavender pres. The V.L.E - The Standard (Main Sophisticado mix)
4. Glenn Underground - Prelude
5. Monodeluxe feat. Jannae Jordan - Time (Jonny Montana remix)
6. Bah Samba feat. Monique Bingham - Do It (Album mix)
7. The Djoon Experience feat. Kenny Bobien - Old Landmark (The Cathedral Dub)
8. Kenny Dope feat. Josh Milan - Stay With Me (Terry Hunter remix)
9. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Substream